Application for 2018 Fall Semester Admission

The application for 2018 Fall Semester Admission starts now!!!

Application Period:

2018 Fall Semester (September entry): 2018.2.26-2018.4.15

Important Dates:

  Date   Schedule
  2018.2.26 ~ 2018.4.15   Application Period
  2018.4.16 ~ 2018.4.20   Preliminary Evaluation of Qualification by Global Affairs Office
  2018.4.21 ~ 2018.5.5   Applications Review by Departments
  2018.5.6 ~ 2018.6.4 Applications Review by Institutes/Colleges (including scholarship qualification) and University
  2018.6.5   Admission Results Posted on the Global Affairs Office Website
  2018.6.5 ~ 2018.6.20   Online Intention Reply for Enrollment
  After 2018.6.20 ~ July   Acceptance Letters Sent to Applicants
  September 2018   Registration


Required Documents:

  1. Photocopy of diploma (in English or Chinese) Must show the degree you obtained in the precious university/institution.
  2. Photocopy of transcript (in English or Chinese) Each transcript must provide a year-by-year listing of all courses.
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Resume
  5. Statement of purpose
  6. Passport-size photos (taken within the last six months and against a whitebackground)
  7. Official score report of an English proficiency standardized test, such as TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS/Cambridge ESOL/GEPT/CSEPT
  8. Official score report of a Chinese proficiency standardized test(TOCFL/HSK) (Required for the Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature applicants)
  9. Portfolio (Required for the Department of Information Communication and Department of Art and Design applicants)

All required application forms and relevant documents must be completed before the deadlines shown above. Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Applicants must assume full responsibility for a rejected application.