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Cross-Cultural Distance Learning (CCDL)

  This program is a series of long-distance learning course for the students of the Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics at Yuan Ze University and Waseda University in Japan. Students will have the video conference about five to six weeks, from late October to early December in the first semester and late May to early June in the next semester.The program will integrate different courses every semester depends on the situation. The topics will be decided by students according to what they are interested in, so as to make students discuss and have their ideas exchanged. Throughout the program, students can learn the skills and take the chance to practice as well. With the reports which are designed with different lessons, students can cooperate with each other and complete the report together. During the semester, students can communicate with each other as a group by the video equipment. Last but not least, to enjoy their performance of efforts together.Besides CCDL program, there are visiting activities between two schools. In addition to the exchange during class, students can personally visit their partners and guide them to know more about our own culture.

  • The schedule of CCDL:

學期 課程/活動名稱 負責教師
2017年5月~2017年6月 溝通與文化 柯宜中 教授
2016年10月~ 2016年12月 溝通與文化 柯宜中 教授
林淑璋 教授
2017年5月~2017年6月 早稻田大學赴台進行移地教學活動 鈴木利彦 教授
2016年7月 元智大學師生至東京進行移地教學及參訪 林淑璋 教授
2016年5月~ 2016年6月 語言與文化 柯宜中 教授
2015年10月~ 2015年12月 跨文化溝通 柯宜中 教授
2015年7月 早稻田大學赴台進行為期五天的參訪 鈴木利彦 教授
2015年5月~ 2015年6月 溝通與文化 吳翠華 教授
2015年1月 元智大學師生至東京進行移地教學及參訪 林淑璋 教授
2013秋天 跨文化溝通 林淑璋 教授
2013春天 中級英語會話 柯宜中 教授


  • Classroom and student video interaction:

 A briefing session will be held before the formal distance communication. 
 In the self-study center for communication, the computer is used to 
 illustrate how to use instant messaging software and BBS and
 perform field operations and exercises.
 The class at B1, fifth building in Yuan Ze University: Using computers
 to prepare information, collecting information on topic exchanges online, 
 making PPT oral reports, and uploading video exchange feedback forms.
  • Video communication:

 Students in Yuan Zi and Waseda University will conduct a group
 discussion through the instant messaging software LiveOn every week to
 discuss different cultures and ideas.

  • Students in Waseda University visited Taiwan:

Every summer, Students from Waseda University not only do long-distance exchanges but also visit Taiwan.
Students also have the opportunity to lead their course partners to experience traditional humanities in Taiwan.
Students in Yuan Ze University will also visit Japan in the winter vacation,
so that our students will also have the opportunity to know about Japan and its culture.