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Drama Performance

Drama performance of Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics in Yuan Zi University has begun since the 91st school year. The drama was integrated into the teaching. The performance began with the Shakespeare tradition and the musical drama challenge in recent years. Students appreciate the beauty of English literature in the form of paper and use drama performance to interpret English Literature. To make more people enjoy the classics of many popular works and also give the opportunity for students to develop their strengths.


Drama Performance

A Midsummer Night Dream

Why did the fairy fall in love with a donkey on the eve?
And the king and elf park
How do you play tricks to provoke the world of human feelings?
He loves her, she loves him too; he loves her, but does not love her;
Two pairs of love lovers in Athens love each other,
What kind of ending will develop?

5/31有庠廳 18:00 pm.
We will reproduce the Shakespeare classic comedy
A Midsummer Night Dream


Drama Performance

Want to know the bumpy road between 
Cupid and Saige?
Want to have a glimpse of the taboo love 
between father and daughter?
Want to immerse yourself in Apollo's singer?
Want to know what is the consequence of 
being hungry?
I want to know how to make a glimpse of 
a moment.

6月1日 18:00 pm.  有庠廳
Leading the second year of the Department of FL