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Educational Environment

Japanese Culture Classroom

There are audio visual teaching 
equipment in the classroom.
In addition, Japanese artifacts are 
displayed in the window.Improve 
students’ interests in learning 
Japanese and Japanese culture 
by this environment.The classroom 
is usually organized in English and 
Japanese conversational courses.
Also used for group consultation and 
student guidance.
Loudspeakers, electric screens, 
network contacts, wireless networks,
Single gun projector, DVD player, 
DVD player, Video Recorder, 
Computer Screen Touch Screen

Study Room

This room where store English and 
Japanese self-study reading materials 
is for students to have a space to read 
and discussion. Provide students with 
books to develop a good habit of 
reading English and Japanese books.
25 seats provided computer equipment,
multimedia computer software,
Teaching software, wireless internet, 
DVD player, video recorder, optical 
disc, web page, Videotapes, movies, 
books, textbooks, journals, journals, 
newspapers, magazines, etc. 

Self-reading room

The “Self-Reading Room” for students 
of this department is different from the 
old form of classroom instruction.The 
room has advanced computer 
facilities, audio-visual equipment and 
language learning software. Students 
can arrange their own time, use the 
equipment of room, and learn flexibly.
The services provided include:
1. Assist students in designing 
self-study plans and give advice 
on the progress of learning.
2. Provide students with language 
learning software so that students 
can practice and learn new knowledge 
at any time.
3. Order and develop language tests 
for individual student testing.
4. E-mail hotline to answer language 

Language Training Classroom

Support digital English course teaching, 
such as English-language teaching and 
audio teaching materials preparation 
courses; This classroom is also 
equipped with a digital language 
teaching SANAKO system. This room 
can provide 62 people for language 
learning at the same time.It is an 
important equipment for professional 
language training courses such as 
“English, Japanese interpretation, 
visual translation, listening expression 
and advanced listening practice”.
Computer equipment, language 
teaching SANAKO system, 
physical projector, Fully automatic 
video equipment, loudspeakers, 
electric screens, network contacts,
Wireless network, single gun
projector, DVD player, etc.

Meeting Room

This conference room holds all 
kinds of small and medium-sized 
conference activities (20 seats).
Provide the use of various 
department-related conferences 
for discussion, also teaching at 
the Institute, Discuss and teach 
classrooms, Multi-functional 
peripheral facilities and high 
quality environment are convenient 
not only for meetings but also teaching.
Loudspeakers, electric screens, 
network contacts, wireless networks,
Single gun projector, DVD player,
Recorder, computer screen touch 
screen, automatic video equipment.